January 17, 2022 6:15 am

If you want to start your own business, how should you start?

Go ahead or wait!

Many salarymen dream of having their own business. Of course, running a business is not difficult. But the hard thing is how to be successful. Because there are many businesses that have to lose, close the business, even if they don’t reflect well. Chances of success are less, so before going to pursue your dreams Let’s check in advance if you are ready or not.

1. Ask yourself to be sure if you really want to do it.

The question that should be answered is Are you sure you love doing this business? And it’s really your dream, not what you want to do. Or seeing other people doing it and making them rich, they want to follow some. because if so you are not serious When faced with some obstacles It’s easier to give up than to do it with love. These things will

keep us from getting discouraged. Able to go through difficult times, so ask yourself first.

2. Do you understand the business to do well enough?

love alone is not enough But you have to be proficient in that as well. Therefore, there should be both love And to understand what we really do is to know clearly what our products are, how they are made, and whether they have a distinctive feature that is

different from others. If you still can’t answer these questions. It’s better to go back to practice and get knowledge.

  1. Know and understand customers,

    who they are, where they are, and whether they are ready to spend money on our products. How much do we need our products? Analyze and study carefully because you know how good the product is. If no one buys not responding to the market In the end, the business can’t go on, so remember that if you want your business to go far Customers are the most important.

    4. Basic business knowledge must have.

    Important things that business owners can’t live without It is the basic knowledge of business such as accounting, marketing, tax, as well as human resource management. Don’t think that this kind of thing isn’t important. It’s true that you can even hire

someone else to do it for you. But if you don’t understand it at all Chances that the business will not survive, say high.

5. Funds ready?

If you believe that everything is ready Are the funds ready? This is the most important thing in any business, so plan carefully where you will get your funds. if not ready Don’t be impatient, gradually keep collecting bank loans to invest can be done. But early efforts will owe less than

6. resign now

if you have a job already. First of all, don’t be in a hurry to quit. If you are not sure that the business will continue to be stable. Therefore, the beginning should be done in parallel, learning until the day you are ready. You can quit then.

  1. Find a good connection.

    Connection is always important in doing business. good connection Helps increase both income opportunities New sales channels and may include splitting lines to other businesses to increase future growth in ways that we do not expect again.

    8. Doing business must have a second plan.

Doing business, in addition to having to think thoroughly A backup plan is indispensable. Because don’t forget that nothing in this world can be accomplished as you would hope. It will help us get through the obstacles more easily.

9. Do not give up easily

Of course, in business. Failure is normal. It can always happen to everyone. But if you encounter failures, you need to get up quickly and don’t be sad. And it’s easy to give up because the ones who will succeed are the ones who take past failures as experience. To make the future better.

10. Develop yourself and your products all the time.

In today’s world, trends come and go very quickly, especially when it comes to doing business. Market direction is always needed. And we have to adjust accordingly. by developing products to be different from others and constantly seeking knowledge to expand the business Otherwise, prepare to be overtaken by other competitors.