January 17, 2022 7:12 am

Interesting SME Trends 2022

There are a lot of events happening in the country over the past few years. And most recently, there is an inevitable crisis of the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus that has taken many things in the lives of people in the world. Including hard-to-build businesses had to close because of this epidemic.

This article is here to help share interesting business trends. And can be extended in every situation. If you are one of the entrepreneurs or businessmen who want to make profits and be successful in this era,

Top 3 Interesting SME Business Trends

No. 1 Food Business

Of course, this type of business cannot escape the first place because “food” is the main factor in people’s livelihood. Therefore, whether it is a restaurant business, food production, importing or exporting raw materials, ready meals It is another very interesting option. Because despite the changes in the environment, the epidemic,

measures that affect the business But food that is the main factor will always be supported by measures. Whether it is a new food production that can be stored for a long time Ready-to-eat food production for easy consumption and food transportation all over the area There are also many businesses that support every change, such as

temperature controlled transport that can transport food or raw materials that require constant temperature maintenance The food business does not need to invest in building its own transportation department. But you can use the services of a shipping company that comes with a temperature-controlled warehouse for a long time.

2nd place online selling business

Selling products through various online channels is very popular. no matter what effect Because it can be done easily, quickly and easily reach the desired customer group. Therefore, many entrepreneurs who used to operate offline business have turned to rely on the digital world to continue their business. both retail and wholesale sales

through the company website Or various social media and can also send low-cost advertising. But it is highly effective to penetrate the desired customer group as well, so if you are an entrepreneur who wants to be your own boss. but still have little capital and take low risks You can choose an online sales business as an alternative. This may

start from receiving products at wholesale prices and selling them to increase online income.

Number 3 coffee shop or cafe business.

And the last interesting place in 2022 is the coffee shop business. That has happened a lot over the years. Because this coffee business is similar to the food business. because it is a consumer product Most coffee shop operators tend to create gimmicks. or a special identity for their own coffee shop, such as creating a shady, cool atmosphere

surrounded by nature For the relaxation of customers who have come to sit and have coffee. and take pictures for social media which is one good strategy That makes the coffee shop able to market without advertising investment at all. Because customers tend to take photos and check-in according to trends. and predicted that the coffee

shop trend This photoshoot and check-in will certainly not be lost in the upcoming 2022. and even if various situations arise that will have an impact Coffee shop businesses can also adapt to use transportation or delivery services as well.
The 3 SMEs businesses mentioned above are just a part of the business world and the

SMEs world. We are just here to share some great ideas for business people who are looking for a way to run a small business or make a supplementary business during this period. However, doing business Every form is more or less risky. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and prepare for events in order to adapt to survive in every situation.

Using the Supply Chain Management system is important to consider when starting a business plan. To reduce risks and increase profits even when affected by the environment