May 20, 2022 4:50 am

Know the history of the lucky wheel game or “roulette”

Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games with a long history that takes its root from the French name roulette. mean “Small wheel” for players to bet in this format will choose a single number result or a range of numbers and may have bets on even-odd numbers or black and red bets as well. How to play? The hassle of just spinning the wheel and letting the ball or steel ball run on the wheel when the ball landed in any of those slots will be the result of the instant roulette draw with the roulette betting board. There will be 37 slots, which are slots 0-36. The 37 slots play will be played within France and the European zone, but for USA roulette, there will be a total of 38 slots, and the numbers are colored.

During the 17th century is the period of World War 2, the soldiers in the camp. There is a feeling of pressure to fight when there is free time, so bring various games to play to solve stress, one of them is the game of roulette by and from the French Blas Pascal, who is considered the inventor of mathematics and is also the physicist and philosopher who invented the game of roulette is considered a genius in the mathematical world. But the game of roulette that came to be popular and well known was during the 18th century, in which in the first version there was no complicated way to bet or have a lot of betting methods like in roulette. Nowadays, providing fun can make soldiers within the camp relieve tension. For the present, the betting format has been developed according to the modern era until it makes playing fun, exciting, and increases the chances of winning more bets. With more betting formats than ever before